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Re_Mused Writers

Retellers of Classic Tales

ReMused Writers: Retellers of Classic Tales
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Re_Mused is a community of professional writers whose work includes retelling classic stories: fairy tales, myths, legends, and more.


We welcome published authors of novels, picture books, graphic novels, and short fiction. Retellings can run the gamut from stories for the very young all the way to horror and erotica; so please be aware that our discussions will likely spread this wide, as well. At this time we ask that publishing credentials be from traditional mainstream publishing only (no fanfic, online-only, or self/POD/vanity publishing). We also offer membership to other professionals with a strong interest and established work in our subject matter: folklorists, literary critics, editors and publishers, and the like.

To join, click “Request Membership,” and then EMAIL THE MODERATOR to tell us a little about yourself and your work. If perchance your LiveJournal username is nothing like the name you publish under, please don’t forget to tell us who you are. ;)

Membership requests not accompanied by a follow-up email to Elizabeth will not be approved. No exceptions. Sorry. I just like to know who my neighbors are, is all. :)


Click “Watch” if you’re a reader/fan, and want to read the entries and reply. Click “Join” if you’re a professional writer as described above and want to post new topics. “Watch” will allow you to read the entries on your friends list and reply to any discussion. “Join” allows members to originate discussion. Confused? Watch for a while first. Thanks!